Gavin Scoliosis & Spine Center

Opened in February 2019, Gavin Scoliosis & Spine Center is an outpatient center dedicated to superior treatment of spinal disorders. Founder Thomas M. Gavin, CO(L) has over 40 years of experience creating custom orthoses for unparalleled, surgery-free treatment and pain management. Gavin has contributed to developing and perfecting the cutting-edge technology used globally to brace patients and is recognized for being one of the most published orthotists in the United States. Gavin Scoliosis & Spine Center’s mission is to provide unmatched, individualized care and enhance quality-of-life for our patients.

Thomas M. Gavin, CO(L)

Dedicated to providing focused, quality custom orthoses for superior treatment of spinal disorders and quality-of-life improvement.

Thomas M. Gavin, CO(L)

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